Cargo Valuation

Many importers purchase their goods on a C.I.F. (Cost, Insurance and Freight) basis because they find it convenient. Unfortunately, they are not evaluating the price they pay for this convenience. Frequently, the insurance is no bargain and in many cases it is worthless. And, compared to our policy, the claims procedure can be very inconvenient.

It is always advisable to get your cargo valuation done from the experts and professional agencies. We have in depth experience in the area of cargo valuation.

Normally, we calculate the insured value by taking the FOB value, adding the ocean or air freight, and adding 10% of that total. Thus, a shipment valued at $10,000 with $2,000 ocean freight would have an insured value of $13,200. We can frequently arrange higher buffer amounts upon request.Our silent features in the area of Cargo Valuation:

  • Professional and speedy service
  • Availability of experts at major cargo shipment ports and other major cities across India
  • Best rates
  • 3-dimensional imaging
  • Assistance / advice in insurance purchase
  • Assistance in insurance claim filing and settlement

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